About Broadway Grand Rapids

The 2015-2016 season for Broadway Grand Rapids, while marking the company’s 28th year, raises the curtain on an impressive new level of performance. The stage was set with the exciting news that Broadway Grand Rapids and Michigan State University’s Wharton Center for Performing Arts have established a partnership that is dramatic - literally and figuratively. For theater lovers throughout West Michigan, this pairing creates an enhanced opportunity to secure top-notch shows for our DeVos Performance Hall venue. Our new season reflects the power and the theatrical magic we have been able to conjure up together.

With this line-up lighting up the marquee, the best seats in the house become even more attractive. We hope the quality and variety of our events entice you to secure prime seating through a donation that will guarantee you the greatest theatre experience possible. The anticipation for the best of touring Broadway coming to our stage has never been higher. We appreciate your investment in continuing the vibrancy, the optimism and the excitement we all feel and share in this wonderful community. Please note the newly reconfigured Select Seating option to support charitable giving, critical to the organization’s success.

Everyone on our team, from the staff at Broadway Grand Rapids to our new partners at Wharton Center, shares the same commitment to bringing you world-renowned theater entertainment AND first-class service. We would not be able to fulfill that promise without your support.

We are very proud to serve you and to share the excitement of a new season. We look forward to seeing you at DeVos Performance Hall just before the broadway lights begin to blink!